... In this optics we can fully know the evolution of the artist from a descriptive and analytical portraiture, during the years fifty and sixty...., towards a new one of visionary intonation. It is sufficient to think to "Homage to Michelangelo" (1972-1973) and "Self-portrait" (1973-1974).... this two works were enriched with a formal reflection that now doesn't seem to be only satisfied in the conciseness of drawing of the ancient masters, but it seems to inspire itself to the supple linearity typical of the visions at the Michelangelo manner, investigated by Picchi with constant devotion, sometimes coming out in the minute search of original solutions of composition in getting a space of dream of new discoveries to his desirous mind.

From: Anchise Picchi. A route of the twentieth century from Natali to Annigoni

by: Francesca Cagianelli

Anthological of Painting and Sculpture - Municipality of Collesalvetti - Exhibition in Villa Carmignani - Collesalvetti - October 2001